A Grand Time at Temburong (Part 1)

A Grand Time at Temburong (Part 1)

by Shaf Said

As a person who grew up in Bandar and has never spent a day in Temburong, there was a sense of trepidation when I met up with the other media invitees at the Kianggeh Jetty to begin our journey to Temburong – but this city boy was ready for some adventure. The next three days and two nights were to be spent at the AZB2N campsite and the Freme Rainforest Lodge, a perfect blend of adventure and the great outdoors. Camping, hiking, waterfalls, canopy towers, and the rainforest – let the adventurous times roll!


Me and my travel buddies ready for some adventure

Day 1

We boarded a water taxi that sped down winding mangrove-lined waterways and arrived at Bangar town, where we were treated to a light lunch at A9 Café – a restaurant near the jetty that serves you a mean bowl of soto hati buyah which they serve with home-made lada rindu – a very spicy chili sauce that complements the dish.


Soto Hati Buyah from A9 Café

We spent our first night at the AZB2N Rainforest Campsite and to get there, you need to board a longboat from Batang Duri. We were served light refreshments upon arrival and I managed a quick exploration of the campsite grounds before our afternoon activities.


Relaxing on the longboat on the way to AZB2N campsite – my new favourite mode of travel


We slept on an elevated campsite area on the AZB2N double-decker platform

We took a light jungle trek to the Fish Spa Waterfall – just one of the many hidden treasures of Temburong, while our guide educated us on the local flora and fauna on the jungle trail. Once we arrived, we took a refreshing dip and fed the fishes that were just as happy to nibble on our feet. A real must for anyone passing through these parts of the rainforest.


If there’s water, we’re going to take a dip in it

We floated back to the campsite on rubber tubes – one of the most thrilling rides I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing, and all you have to do is hop onto a rubber tube and just ride the stream down the rapids!


Rubber tubing down the stream

After a barbecue dinner at the AZB2N double-decker platform, we went for a Night Safari Boat Cruise down the river. Back at camp by 9pm and there was not much else for this tired city boy to do but curl into my tent and sleep. Dozing off to the calming sounds of the jungle was definitely another new and welcomed experience for me. Good night!



Day 2

Rise and shine! We fueled ourselves with some light refreshments served to us at the campsite before we embarked on the hike up to the Keruing Hanging Bridge. We traveled there by longboat across the Temburong river to the Ulu National Park, where we ascended the wooden walkways leading up to the bridge and taking us further up the steps leading to the canopy towers.


Ready and raring to go


On the Keruing Hanging Bridge

600 steps up the hill and another 200 steps up the first tower of the canopy walkway – the sight of the gigantic structure was daunting, and some mental preparation was needed before taking that first step up the 25 steel ladders to the top. Not for the faint-hearted or vertigo-challenged, for sure.


So. Many. Steps.


My travel buddy Gzul waving from the top of the canopy tower

But as I climbed up to the very top of the tower, the darkness of the dawn and the mist of the rainforest disappeared and I was greeted with the most spectacular view of the sun rising over the rainforest. I’ve heard many tales gushing about this view but stories do not do it any justice. To truly appreciate this moment, you have to experience it firsthand.


Watching the sunrise at the top of the canopy towers

More adventures in Temburong awaits! Click here for Part 2.

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