About Borneo Insider’s Guide

Introduction to biG

BiG stands for Borneo Insider’s Guide. It is the definitive quarterly news magazine that aims to entertain and inform the discerning business and leisure traveller to Brunei, Sabah & Sarawak on essential tourist information, what to do and where to go amongst a whole menu of interesting articles gathered from a network seasoned local journalists and photographers. Each issue serves as the world’s window into the rich, unique tapestry of Borneo’s life and culture.



biG Dates Get out and about; let us show you what you can do around Borneo this quarter.

biG Scoop We scour around town and discover the newest and best products for you to love and desire this quarter.

biG Feature Take a closer look at what the Borneo islanders are up to.

biG Trail Follow our plucky writes as they bring you stories from around Borneo.

biG Ten We give you ten interesting facts about the island of Borneo.

biG Buzz We put our ears up and find out what is buzzing in town.

biG Talk We chat with personalities and discover their specialities

biG Getaway Expand your horizons. Pack your bags and explore beyond our shores.

biG Appetite We try the food so you can follow suit. Check out our food journeys.

biG Listings We make a list of places to eat, drink and chill.

biG Essentials Here are some helpful tips for visitors just stepping onto our shores.

biG Directory Find travel agents & operators, and places to stay in Brunei.

biG Navigator Find your bearings in Bandar Seri Begawan, Kota Kinabalu and Kuching with our walking maps of hot spots around the capital.

biG Screen See what’s playing in the movies and check out the extra perks for a movie a night.

The Magazine

Our Reach

Distribution in the rooms of four and five star hotels, cafes and restaurants throughout Borneo, the arrival hall of Brunei International Airport, Brunei Tourism offices, selected RBA flights, Sabah and Sarawak Tourism Board offices and other high-traffic tourist hubs all over Borneo. BiG is also available in selected bookstores in Brunei and Malaysia.

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The Publisher

Company Background

CHMP Media is a private company established in 2006 in Brunei Darussalam. The company was initially founded as a publishing house for Brunei Insider’s Guide (biG), a travel and lifestyle magazine primarily for the discerning business and leisure traveler to Brunei Darussalam. Brunei Insider’s guide has since been rebranded as Borneo Insider’s Guide, widening its audience and making the magazine the only travel magazine in Borneo.