Bello’s Famous Five


As Bello Café celebrates its 5th anniversary this September, we take a trip down memory lane and see how this beautiful (literally, as the name Bello is Italian for beautiful) café became one of the most popular dining locations in the city.

The owner of Bello, Mei Law, wanted a place that people could take their time to enjoy tasty, unpretentious and affordable food in an environment that feels cosy like home. After the success of the first Bello café in Seri-Qlap Mall, she opened a branch at the Design & Technology building in Anggerek Desa.

Mei Law designed the entire establishment on her own and took pains to ensure every aspect of the café – from the artistic teaspoons and stylish furniture, to the soft lighting and jazzy music that oozes from the chic speakers – is thoughtfully chosen to give the place the right feel and ambience for a good meal and good conversation.

Mei believes that a restaurant should have at least one signature dish with an addictive edge to keep customers coming back again. In Bello’s case, they have a handful of star-studded offerings that are so well known around town that there is an instant association of the dish with Bello whenever it is mentioned.

The top 5 Bello stars? Here they are:




Chocolate Lava Pudding – A freshly baked confection that when cut opened, unveils a stream of warm liquid chocolate that flows out to meet and mingle with a scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream on the side. Definitely Bello’s best dessert which has competitors trailing at its heels.







Swiss Burger – This is not your ordinary size burger and it is perfect for a hungry chap who will appreciate the larger freshly made and well-seasoned beef patty, snuggling within a sesame seed bun with sautéed fresh mushrooms, three types of melted gourmet cheeses, lettuce leaves and a dollop of Bello’s special pesto mayo.







Beef Rendang – The spicy beef stew is cooked to tender perfection in thick red gravy.  The beef chunks are full of flavour and goes in harmony with pickled cucumber that comes it and plain rice topped with an egg sunny-side up.





Bello Special Salad – Amongst their menu of salads, this one is a hit with their regular diners. Fresh greens, tomatoes and avocado are joined by succulent prawns, chopped boiled egg and crunchy sweet corn, then flavoured with a drizzling of their in-house concocted pesto vinaigrette, resulting in an attractive and healthy main course.







Black Galaxy – A sweet and cool creation that’s uniquely Bello, the Black Galaxy is made with grass jelly, crushed ice, milk and gula melaka. Add a shot of espresso to Black Galaxy and you’ll get a caffeinated version – the Iced Jelloffee.





Editor’s Picks

Indulge or go waistline-conscious? What to eat at Bello’s? Here our Editor’s picks for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Eat, Drink and Be Merry

Breakfast: Eggs Supreme with avocado mash, smoked salmon and tomato salsa and toast

Lunch: Swiss Burger, washed down with an iced Lychee Lemongrass, and Cranberry Crumble with ice cream

Dinner: Fresh mushroom soup, Winter Comfort Salad and Sticky Date Pudding

Lean, Mean and Eat Trim

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs and sautéed mushroom in a warmed pita bread

Lunch: Pesto Fish – pan grilled salmon seasoned in pesto and served with salad

Dinner: Spring Fever Salad – fresh greens, smoked salmon and country artichoke, succulent olives and feta cheese tossed in a special Bello vinaigrette.

Images by Novri Rinaldi

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