BiG Scoop: Resin Seas with Ana Agusto

BiG Scoop: Resin Seas with Ana Agusto

A profound love for the coastal sights and landscapes of beautiful Borneo and Melbourne, particularly the white sandy beaches of Sabah, breathed life into the artful workings of Ana Agusto. Pouring My Art Out, aside from being a great use of a pun, is where the Sino-Kadazan Sabahan indeed pours her heart out into creating resin art impeccably cured to take your breath away. Upcycling locally-sourced native wood Acacia and Tamasu to embody dazzling seascapes, geodes and other natural seascapes in her pieces, Ana also intends to promotes awareness on sustainability and the importance of environmental conservation. From home décor to earrings to phone holders to kitchenware, we love knowing that the sea is never too far away thanks to Ana’s one-of-a-kind pieces!


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