Kapra Coffee

Kapra Coffee

by Intan Abu Daniel

Another coffee shop you say? We walked into Kapra expecting much of the same: another café giving a bear hug to the industrial hipster look, offering specialised coffee with a blend of coffee beans from here or there in a variety of pour-overs. However, despite the number of coffee shops I have visited since the advent of the first cup of gourmet coffee in Brunei, Kapra Coffee held a number of ‘firsts’ for me.

The first being the concept of the coffeehouse – a coffeehouse in the truest sense of the word – strictly so because simply because it doesn’t deal with the other things that come with a cup of coffee – like snacks and desserts. In fact, the desserts offered here are only a choice few that comes from local dessert vendors, in the owner’s bid to promote other products available in the community. The area itself is minimally outfitted with one long communal table and stools (the bare bulbs from the ceiling seems to be the unspoken prerequisite of all coffee shops), a small coffee bar and a shelf display of coffee paraphernalia and coffee beans. Kapra is all about the coffee, with the motive to design and prepare for you the best blend of freshly roasted coffee beans.

Which brings me to my next ‘first’: Kapra is not just a coffeehouse, it’s Brunei’s first coffee roaster. The roaster itself shares the same venue as the coffeehouse, just separated by a glass wall for any interested onlookers to see how the coffee bean roasting process is done. An added plus to having an in-house roaster: coffee reaches its peak flavour just days after it has been roasted, ensuring that every cup of coffee served to you in Kapra is at its finest quality.

Serving us our cups of coffee (in a small glass pitcher with matching glassware), the barista helpfully suggested waiting for my coffee to cool down so the taste would come out (another first), which I did, while tapping my feet to the 90’s boy band music that was playing on the speakers (another first –a welcome one!). My hand-brewed coffee – a Panama/Baru Black Mountain blend with notes of citrus, sugarcane and chocolate – smelled delicious, and sipping it I could immediately detect the citrusy, sugarcaney and chocolatey taste in a slightly bitter, aromatic blend. It was a cup – or glass – of coffee any coffee enthusiast would smack their lips at.

Verdict: You’re not going to find your average cup of cafe mocha here. Kapra is for the coffee enthusiasts, not the coffee socialites.

Kapra Coffee
#26 Grd Flr Blk C Spg 440 Jln Muara, BSB, Brunei Darussalam
W: kapracoffee.com
Facebook & Instagram: kapracoffee


Images by Novri Rinaldi

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