Magnum Mania

Magnum Mania

At the soft opening of Magnum Café in Citis Square, there was a long queue leading up to the entrance – free ice-creams were given to the first 250 customers through the door. The café has since experienced an influx of dessert lovers since its opening, ice-cream lovers and Magnum fans were eager to experience the first ever Magnum Café in Borneo.

So why should you buy a Magnum at this café when you can easily buy one at your local kedai runcit? Firstly, the Magnums they have here are not the same as the ones sold in the stores, and you can tell from the first bite. The chocolate is thicker and the ice-cream is richer – it’s the gourmet version of the kind sold in shiny packets in local shops. Secondly, you won’t be able to “Make My Magnum” at a supermarket. Like a kid in a candy store, I pored over the options before I made my decision: a chocolate Magnum, dipped and drizzled in dark chocolate and topped with rose petals, chilli flakes and cookie crumbs. Customers can choose to have their ice-cream dipped and drizzled in dark, milk or white chocolate, and have a choice of three toppings from a wide variety that includes pistachio nuts, sea salt, and even goji berries. At only BND5.00 each, it’s a very reasonably priced yet extremely decadent dessert.

But if that doesn’t tickle your fancy, other Magnum concoctions are also available on the menu, from the Magnum Trifle, the Magnum Red Velvet, Magnum Tiramisu, Magnum Fondue and the Asian-inspired Magnum Cendol.

Savoury dishes are also available – salads, onion rings, pasta dishes, and the almond-crusted Magnum Fries which is drizzled with spicy chocolate.  Wash all that down with a Magnum Affogato and you’ll walk out a very contented customer.

Magnum Café is located at #19A Ground Floor of Citis Square in Kg Jaya Setia, Bandar Seri Begawan. Follow Royal Brunei Catering on Facebook or Instagram to find out what other delights are coming up soon!

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