Overlanding Sabah Made Easy

Overlanding Sabah Made Easy

by Pamela Fletcher

Overlanding through Sabah’s often intimidating but always beautiful landscape has all the ingredients for an exciting adventure with twists, turns and heart-stopping action. The rough terrain and basic living conditions on the road might seem as intimidating for the less than hard-core 4×4 enthusiast but fear not, there’s now an easier way to overland and discover Sabah as your own pace.

Pitas, the northern tip of BorneoPitas, the northern tip of Borneo

The Borneo Expedition, a newly launched series of overland 4×4 expeditions, was created to develop, document and promote sustainable overland routes in Borneo with each expedition comprising of an exhilarating experience designed to promote key destinations of significant geological, ecological, cultural and historical importance.

The first expedition of the series kicks off in May 2016 with a journey covering 1,500km over 8 days to explore Sabah’s top nature adventure destinations. Most sections of the route are graded from easy to medium with a few challenging sections included to capture the adrenaline rush of a high-level off-road expedition but all within safety limits to ensure the experience will be both realistic and memorable.

En route to Long Pasia in the south of Sabah, close to the Sarawak borderEn route to Long Pasia in the south of Sabah, close to the Sarawak border

In keeping with sustainable green lane practices, roads that traverse through forest reserves have been carefully plotted and approved to minimize environmental damage with well-organised camping sites to provide the necessary facilities for a comfortable stopover at the end of each day.

Bird's nests are collected inside Madai CavesBird’s nests are collected inside Madai Caves

Overlanding is all about the freedom to explore off the beaten track and to enjoy the rustic beauty of natural attractions along the route. Be prepared to trek through the rainforests of the Maliau Basin and Imbak Canyon, shoot the white water rapids of the Padas River, cruise the Kinabatangan River in search of wildlife, hike to scenic waterfalls and take a nostalgic ride on the only train line in Borneo. A community project in one of the remote villages will be added to the itinerary to give participants a deeper appreciation of the cultural significance of the expedition.

A full-colour coffee table book documenting every aspect of the journey will be published to inspire other travelers to see Sabah from a different perspective. A detailed route map will also be included to help guide local and international overlanding enthusiasts to discover Sabah is the best way possible – on the roads less travelled with friends, family and a whole lot of fun.

For more information of The Borneo Expedition, log on to www.theborneoexpedition.com/2015/

Images by John Kong

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