Ramadan Flow 3 by Zed Peace

Ramadan Flow 3 by Zed Peace

by Intan Abu Daniel


Ramadan Flow 3 is all about the lyrics, and of which, there are plenty. Written by Zed Peace himself, there is a heavy emphasis on the significance of his lyrics: music, after all, is a journey, and Zed’s musical journey started from when he was seeking fame and fortune as one of four in the group Micbandits to what he is today: a husband, a father, and a solo artist.

Authentic hip-hop has always been about bridging the connection between personal/social issues and hip-hop culture and about exploring one’s roots. Ramadan Flow 3 is no different, as Zed raps aggressively yet smoothly about Brunei, love and family, all the while disguising unfiltered opinions behind a musical flow, your head bopping along to his beats even if you’re not quite sure whether you agree with him.

Speaking of beats, we mentioned his lyrics, but we shouldn’t ignore the fabric of his album: vast-coloured, threading hooks and beats throughout the song, dictating whether this is a song that you should be dancing to, pumping your fist to, singing along with or nodding your head to.

Regardless of whether hip-hop is your thing, Zed Peace is a man with a lot to say, and he manages to convey it authentically. Pick up a copy of the album, get yourself educated with this Bruneian lyricist before his album is released later this year – he’s got things to talk about, and if you don’t want to listen to him, you can definitely groove along with him.

Download Ramadan Flow 3 on www.bandcamp.com or follow Zed Peace on Instagram (@zed.peace) to find out where you can physical copies in Brunei.

Images provided by Zed Peace

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