Big Sounds and Easy Costs

Big Sounds and Easy Costs

by Intan Abu Daniel

So you’re not an audiophile, but you love a good sound for your wide-screen television, and while a home theater is a great idea, the whole thing sounds like a daunting prospect – it isn’t practical for most of us with normal-sized homes, or for most of us with normal-sized incomes.

After spending an hour at Techzania, we’re here to tell you that having a home theater system in your home is a lot easier – and cheaper – than you realise. We power up two low-hassle systems and find out what’s so great about that magical sound component every home should not be without: the sound bar.


Bose Soundtouch 130


Sleek, black and beautiful, the Bose Soundtouch 130 sounds as good as it looks. This single unit belts out sounds like there are speakers all around your room, made possible due to the multiple speaker drivers inside. Without getting too technical, what happens is that with Bose’s dispersion technology, the music bounces everywhere, so you can hear sounds coming from the back of the room even when you don’t have rear speakers. The surround sound is immaculate, and the sound quality will remain the same no matter what part of the room you’re in.

The Soundtouch 130 home theater system is also a part of a team of wireless products if you want a bigger sound or if you want the convenience of placing wireless speakers in each room that can be easily controlled by one tablet.


Sonos Playbar


The Sonos Playbar looks so fine that it might be mistaken for having all looks and no substance, but don’t discount it for looking good because it has a serious body for sound. The soundbar was designed so people could do away with multi-box cinema set-ups, but Sonos took that idea and ran away with it, adding three modular speakers (Play:1, Play:3 and Play:5) to its home theater system for consumers to have the option to add on speakers as and when it’s convenient. But even so, the Sonos Playbar paired only with its wireless subwoofer (the two components together are priced similarly to the Bose Soundtouch 130 system) will give you sounds that have no business sounding so good coming from two speakers.

Like the Bose Soundtouch 130, the modular speakers can also be placed in different rooms that can be easily controlled by one tablet, or if you just want a bigger sound in your room. The speakers themselves, powered by multiple Class D amps and drivers, will take sounds to the next level, so once you’ve settled your Sonos Playbar in and are ready to add on some more sounds, we cannot recommend them enough.

Both home theater systems are available at Techzania:

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Images by Novri Rinaldi

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