The Vinyl Connection

The Vinyl Connection

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These are the days of the vinyl revival. Harking back to days long before music lovers can get their tunes online, the owners of Do It Good Records opened a brick and mortar shop to bring the old-world charm into the souls of music lovers of all ages. Vinyl records offer an unparalleled sound quality you just don’t get from modern day MP3s. At Do It Good Records, nostalgic music from a vinyl plays in the background while you flip through their wide variety of records. Toes will automatically tap and heads will nod in rhythm – the vibe in this place will make any music fan spontaneously combust with joy. A selection of record players are also available for purchase.

#7, Ground Floor, Block A Q-Lap Complex
Kg Kiulap, BSB, Brunei Darussalam
Instagram: @doitgoodrecords

Images by WallAtLarge

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