Mum’s Best Friend

Mum’s Best Friend

by Pauline Chan

Let’s be frank. Busy mothers with kids don’t have a lot of time for fancy motor language and its technical jargons and numerous statistics, we just want a protective vehicle that does the job of transporting our family safely with all our accompanying carry-ons, and at the same time, allow us mamas to look good in it. It seems like Volkswagen has the right idea with their new Sportsvan. I’m going to take a look at this new compact MPV, deconstruct it for the mother behind the wheel and get o the highlights that matter to us most.

Compact but spacious

On the surface, the Sportsvan looks really sporty, with its sharply contoured styling, large 17-inch alloy wheels and a black painted front grille with chrome trim. Nice. Now let’s get inside the car.

It’s easy to get into the vehicle, thanks to the wide-opening doors and elevated seats, and that should make it easier too if you want to fix a child seat onto the ISOFIX child seat mounting points. The entire car has a spacious feel, thanks to the extended wheelbase, the rear seat passengers can enjoy a generous amount of leg space. Six-footers will find it comfortable at the back even with a fellow six-footer in the front seat. If you are familiar with the VW Golf, the Sportsvan is 83mm longer, 126mm taller and marginally (8mm) wider than that.

Cargo capacity with the rear bench seat in its standard position is fine for a trip to the store. To get more space in the luggage compartment, you can slide the rear seats further up to their front-most positions. But fold the rear seats down and you’ll get a maximum storage of 1,520 litres of cargo space. How big is that you ask? Mighty big.

It’s built for kids too

Kids in the back will find great usage of th storage pockets and folding tables integrated into the backs of the front seats. There are three additional cupholders in the rear centre armrest that folds up. If you need to provide some audio entertainment for the kids, the standard touch-screen audio system with CD player SD memory card slot and 8 speakers should do the job.

Safety features for driver and passengers

Now for the things that makes the Sportsvan a mum’s best friend, the safety features. The Sportsvan packs a plethora of safety measures. The car is equipped with ESP (electronic stabilization programme); a multi-collision brake system that prevents the risk of secondary collisions in the event of a rear-end collision; safety-optimised head restraints in front that protects against whiplash injury and seven airbags – airbags for driver and front passenger including one to protect the driver’s knees, and curtain airbag system for front and rear passengers including side airbags at the front.

Another important safety highlight is the Proactive Occupant Protection System. If the system detects a potential accident situation such as the initiation of hard braking, the seatbelts of the driver and front passengers are automatically tensioned and the windows and sliding roof will close.

The Sportsvan has a range of BlueMotion Technology efficiency improvement measures that gives this 1.4-litre TSI engine with 16 valves an impressive 200Nm of torque from only 2,400 rpm but fuel consumption remains low at just 5.4/ 100km. Well, these are just numbers for you to regurgitate but essentially it’s fuel saving and that means, money saving too. And that is two thumbs up from us!


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